Youtube video count not updating

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This method of view counting is fine for low view counts.

However you’re wondering; can you increase your own views by refreshing the page?

Regards, Shweta The You Tube Team” This is just from a support rep who may be mistaken about You Tube’s policy on counting views (we have an email in to You Tube asking for clarification), but her response does suggest that at least some views from other sites do not count.

A large portion of You Tube videos are watched on other sites in embeddable players (like the one below of Erepublik CEO Alexis Bonte giving us an Elevator Pitch).This verification process may take several hours or several days – but should update when You Tube has verified the actual count.Contact You Tube if you continue to have what you think is an inaccurate view count after a few days.The process of including all quality views can take some time depending on a video's popularity and viewership.That’s the feeling that rises up in my throat whenever anyone asks me the totally non-condescending question of why I’m still single, which I’ve answered so many times in so many tones (“Just haven't met the right guy, I guess!Visit the "Current Site Issues" Web page (full link in Resources), click "Other Issues" and then click "The viewcount on my video is frozen around 300 views.


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