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If you’re wanting to try it out and help test and provide feedback, you’re welcome to check it out in the Sage TV Mobile Interface thread on the Sage TV forums.Full instructions that I’m updating regularly can be found in this post.This is something of a problem if you happen to have a version of Windows XP MCE prior to 2005.These older versions run on the same Windows XP operating system as the 2005 release, but due to Microsoft's decision not to provide an upgrade to the Windows Media Center application, Windows Media Player 11 can't be installed on the older versions.GB-PVR is well supported, and works with a large number of the available analog, DVB and ATSC/QAM capture devices.The GB-PVR user interface makes these features available on your PC, client PCs, or specialized media extender devices.Couch Potato is a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X that will display a schedule for your favorite TV channels.Couch Potato can automatically keep track of your favorite upcoming shows, and also makes it easy to filter out the shows that you don't ever watch.

Some guides also feature backward scrolling to promote their catch up content. Non-interactive electronic program guides (sometimes known as "navigation software") are typically available for television and radio, and consist of a digitally displayed, non-interactive menu of program scheduling information shown by a cable or satellite television provider to its viewers on a dedicated channel.But as I’ve begun to move my web browsing more-and-more to mobile devices such as my blackberry curve and my daughters i Touch, I’ve longed for a way to bring that excellent interface capability to my mobile devices.Now there is a way to do just that with the Sage TV Mobile Web Interface. The mobile interface is currently in early alpha stage and not integrated completely with the Sage TV Web Interface, but it’s current version is very functional and looks great on my blackberry.Linux MCE is a Kubuntu based Linux distribution which includes customized versions of Myth TV, asterisk, the Pluto home automation stack, as well as a number of media applications.These applications have all been integrated to work together using the DCE inter-process communications protocol so they can be controlled by an Orbiter application running on a PC, handheld or cell phone connected to the network.Current Features Include: Below are a few sneak-preview screen-shots of the interface as it looks like on a standard mobile phone.


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