Eddie redmayne dating emma watson

they seemed to have always known they were going to spend the rest of their lives together." The actor and Bagshawe first stepped out together in 2012.

"Emma was the first person I called," Miller said with a laugh, during a recent New York press conference.

Actors Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth and Tom Hiddleston are all among those who have promoted the gender equality initiative.

Perhaps Prince Harry, too, will be tempted to lend a hand.

Eddie first met Hannah while he was still at school, studying at the all-boys Eton College (he was in the same year as Prince William).

Eddie and Hannah got to know each other when Eddie took part in a charity fashion show held at a girls’ school attended by his wife to be.

There he met and had a long-term relationship with fellow student Tara Hacking, who accompanied him to several red carpet events when he first hit the limelight.

He’s also been damaged by relationships in the past. However, he will enjoy more freedom in his career, having already won an Oscar for his performance in Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe made a dashing couple on the Fantastic Beasts red carpet last night https://t.co/x Cs Mi1OIMW pic.twitter.com/Xsd TIQe Jp N — Harper's Bazaar UK (@Bazaar UK) November 11, 2016 star is just as humble about his relationship with Hannah Bagshawe as he is about all the success he had with his acting career.

“[I]t’s great that she found me attractive then and still does, through all the shit,” he said to . It’s also wonderful having a shared history and friends.

Even though we didn’t get together for about 15 years. ” Despite the fact that he is taking the world by storm with , Eddie and Hannah’s first priority lies in their five-month baby. “We’re still at the stage of getting through the night, trying to keep our child alive.

I don’t think I’ve got past the sleep deprivation yet to get to a point of having a more philosophical take!


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