Drew barrymore and hugh grant dating

But the Four Weddings And A Funeral hunk, 46, angrily replied: “I can’t believe you asked me that. I’m ashamed of you.” When the interview ended he walked off the set muttering.

Lets admit – before we go any further — that walking off muttering is a complete and exhaustive description of every screen performance Hugh Grant has ever given .

Hugh John Mungo Grant is a film producer and actor,well known for having a very strong work ethic.

He has received a Golden Globe, an Honorary Cesar and a BAFTA.

b) His far more presentable ex-girlfriend Liz Hurley is inches away from tidying up her post-Hugh life by marrying a far wealthier new glamorously Indo-German boyfriend.Insult to Injury – the Hugh replacement does not too bad a job at Grantesque 1980s floppy hair …a fast disappearing skill since Flock of Seagulls disbanded.Now let’s examine the reasons for the loss of temper.Could it be: a) That his new girlfriend, Jemima Khan, the worlds best known Muslim divorcee, looks very like an unsuccessful Babs Streisand imitator who’s slapped on too much makeup …He is the son of Fynvola Susan Mac Lean, a teacher and James Murray, an artist and carpet salesman.


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