Dating site for scientologists

Scientologists have been branded 'vultures' who are 'trying to capitalise on people's heartbreak' after setting up an enormous tent at the scene of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Members of the controversial religion were seen offering massages and handing out promotional leaflets from the bright yellow structure just days after the horror blaze.

Scientists now have accurate methods (see below ) for dating fossils.

methods rely on characteristic faunal and geological patterns to bracket the period when the fossil existed.

They were first outside the sports centre on Friday but came back on Sunday with their huge tents and flags which read 'communication' and 'conflicts'.

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A navy report concluded that "there was no submarine in the area." A decade later, Hubbard claimed he had sunk a Japanese submarine in his Scientology lectures.She was also told to get rid of her red highlights, have her braces removed and dump her current boyfriend.In the second month of their relationship, Cruise allegedly asked the actress to have her incisor teeth filed down and brought in his hairstylist to change her hair.Twitter users have also reacted with fury after an image of the tents was posted online.Germaine Arnold wrote: 'Can't believe these Scientology goons are recruiting next to Grenfell Tower.The actress, then 25, is said to have undergone a strict screening process to see if she was eligible to become Cruise’s wife.


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